Rolling Stones, Champagne, Reefer And A Red Headed Woman (Bootleg)

CD 1: 01 Video screens intro. 02 Show intro. 03 Get off of my cloud. 04 I wanna be your man (The Beatles cover). 05 The last time (First live performance since 18 july 1998). 06 Paint it black. 07 Gimme shelter (with Florence Welch). 08 Lady Jane. 09 Champagne & Reefer (Muddy Waters cover) (with Eric Clapton). 10 Live with me. 11 Miss you. 12 One more shot. 13 Doom and gloom. 14 It's only rock 'n' roll (but I like it) (with Bill Wyman).15 Honky tok women (with Bill Wyman)

CD 2: 01 Band introductions. 02 Before they make me run (Keith Richards on lead vocals). 03 Happy (Keith Richards on lead vocals). 04 Midnight rambler (with Mick Taylor). 05 Start me up. 06 Tumbling dice. 07 Brown sugar. 08 Sympathy for the devil. 09 You can't always what you want (with the London Youth Choir). 10 Jumpin' Jack flash. 11 (I can't get no) Satisfaction.

mp3 @320 Kbps

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